On Sundays we gather as the church family to know and worship God. Beyond Sundays, we follow Jesus together in authentic relationships as a community, the church scattered. During the week we connect in groups to eat together, grow together, and serve together.  It is through this gospel-centered community that we live out the Gospel together as a family, as we trust and follow Christ.

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A key way that we foster and experience discipleship is through Community Groups. Men and women from all different backgrounds meet regularly in neighborhoods across northern Virginia to intentionally be together and share their lives with one another. Each group is unique since they are made up of different people with different interests, needs, lifestyles, and schedules. Most of our Community Groups gather every other week in a home to share a meal and fellowship together, a format designed to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which visitors feel welcome.  Community Groups often participate together in serving the city and their neighbors in various ways, as well as sharing their love of Jesus with those around them.  Our Community Groups are one of the main vehicles of care within our church. The people in these groups constantly rally around those hurting or in need, and are able to provide prayer, meals, financial assistance, and other real help.

Should I Join A Community group?

Yes! Community Groups are a welcome and safe place for you to ask questions and deepen your faith in Jesus, no matter where you are coming from or what experiences you have had in the past. If you are new to Portico, looking to explore deeper in Christianity, or are hoping to connect with others in pursuing Jesus, there is no better place for you then joining a Community Group!


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